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Adopting best-in-class cloud-based accounting practices, Earl Advisory is committed to measuring and monitoring real-time data to keep our finger on the pulse.

Earl Advisory specialises in working with businesses in the trades, professional services, consultancy, and manufacturing sectors. We also have significant experience with investments in property, equities, and managed portfolios.

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Adopting best-in-class cloud-based accounting practices Justin Earl’s committed to measuring and monitoring real-time data to keep his finger on the pulse.

I gained my Qualified Chartered Accountant qualification in Wellington, before practising and managing a varied client base in Leicestershire, England. Although outside of New Zealand and working with different tax rules, the debits and credits of accounting didn’t change, nor did the struggles and needs of small businesses.

This experience has given me a great insight into client relationships and cemented my desire to create my own practice that offered clients a more personalised accounting experience.

I work with businesses in the trades, professional services/consultancy, and manufacturing sectors. I also have significant experience with investments in property, equities, and managed portfolios.

Accounting Services

We will present your financials in a clear way at the level of detail you set, and talk you through them each period. 

Information from your Financial Statements is taken and used to complete your Tax Return in line with NZ tax law. For the tax consequences of less common transactions, specialist tax advisor opinions will be sought.

Our GST service includes a review of transactions each period. Using Xero we like to see electronic copies of key invoices saved to transactions to facilitate this review. We can also liaise with Inland Revenue on your behalf should they require additional information for Returns submitted.

It is safe to say that Earl Advisory has significant experience with Xero. Earl Advisory’s founder, Justin Earl, cut his teeth working at Xero in the Customer Care Team in Wellington, NZ, and has then spent 10 years in practice using Xero.  Always keen to share our knowledge, we offer Xero assistance and training for individuals or groups wanting to manage their business transactions better.

Our Xero bookkeeping service is aimed at businesses who do not have the time to match off or allocate bank transactions in Xero. The beauty of this service is that we allocate transactions with your year-end Financial Statement preparation in mind, saving you cost further down the track. We aim to work with you intensively in the first periods of this service to understand your business and regular transaction flows.

To report on business trade within your financial year to track your business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The idea is that the more up to date information you have as the business owner the better decisions you will make. This service requires a fully reconciled Xero file (see Xero Bookkeeping and Premium Xero Assistance and Training services above if you are struggling). 

Budgeting helps us to set your trading goals so you can run comparisons throughout the year. This helps to keep you focussed on the monthly business performance. 

Cashflow (or lack of availability to cash) is a major hurdle for small businesses. Using Xero and its partner apps we are able to forecast future cashflows to identify periods where additional funding may be needed. 

We want to see you grow your business. We will be your sounding board for ideas, and work with you to achieve your business goals with the right accounting solutions. 

Net Zero by 2050 is a big goal and those businesses doing their part can demand a price premium on their goods and services. There is now the technology available to calculate your business emissions using carbon calculators, and compare these to emissions in your industry. Once calculated we are able to work with you to formulate a budget, to identify areas where carbon emissions can be cut and set targets for coming periods.

As a developing service, we can work with you to track your carbon emissions and budget to reduce them over time. Emissions figures can be included in annual accounts or monthly within management accounts. These calculations look at carbon emissions from trade waste, premises utilities and travel during a period.

There is also the option to work with your suppliers to get a fuller understanding of your business’s supply chain carbon footprint.

We work with the leading carbon management providers in New Zealand for these calculations. These providers also offer services where carbon emissions can be offset via investing in their carbon-absorbing projects.

If you have a good working relationship with your existing accountant, but they don’t have the time to provide you with additional services on top of your year-end requirements, some services can be prepared alongside theirs:

  • Xero review, Xero troubleshooting and Xero training.
  • Budgeting.
  • Other forward-looking reporting.


Individualised proposals will be billed on a fixed fee basis where possible, on regular payment terms, giving you certainty of cash outflows over the period.

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